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Save with RAPID RESPONSE Residential Fire Sprinklers


Residential sprinkler systems are the most effective means of life and property safety protection available. Fire sprinkler protection is everywhere – in buildings, schools, office buildings, theatres – and it’s crucial in the most susceptible place to fire – your home. Tyco’s Rapid Response® Home Fire Sprinkler Systems are designed to control and extinguish fires, and they’re aesthetically pleasing and affordably priced.


Depending on the layout of the home and the type of construction, the Rapid Response® CPVC Sprinkler System can offer great benefits, including installation savings and flexibility. Over and above the life-saving benefits of residential fire sprinkler systems, home builders may be able to benefit from cost-saving incentives available or “trade-offs.” By committing to fire sprinkler installations in new homes, the home builder may be eligible to offer trade-offs in the form of reduced physical fire separation that decrease costs and improve overall profitability.


For more information on trade-offs and how using the RAPID RESPONSE system can save money, please contact:



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